CrossFit Chilltown Black House Jersey City


Who We are

Black House Strength & Conditioning is the third CrossFit gym by Kristy Link and Jason Schroeder, the owners of Brazen Athletics (in Hoboken and Fairfield).

They wanted to create a place in Jersey City where residents could gather, workout, have fun and improve their mental outlook. Black House is a gym that celebrates individualism and the power of the human spirit.

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Definitely next-level fitness. I have been going to Black House since it opened. Couldn’t say enough good things about the gym. The workouts are fun and challenging. The coaches are caring, friendly, and helpful.
— Russ Minio

 Our Workouts


At Black House we program with many of the tenants of traditional CrossFit. We love constantly varied movements performed at high-intensity. However, we also love classic bodybuilding movements and strength will always be a foundational element here.

We offer our own Workouts of The Day, which may start with a strength component such as squats and transition to a conditioning circuit. We want our members to value time under tension, full range of motion of the joints, and, of course, beautiful form.


What to Expect

Each Black House class starts with an introduction. We go over the workout, explain and demonstrate the exercises and warm up. Then the fun begins with the workout we’ve programmed for the day. Our music ranges from Snoop Dogg to Avicii to Earth, Wind and Fire.

We value that each individual has his or her own fitness journey. We provide modifications, if needed, for every exercise so that everybody in the class gets a full workout. Our coaches give individual guidance on weight, strategy and proper form.