Black House coaching is what separates them from the rest. They’ll give you all the tools you need to reach your goals as long as you hold yourself accountable on how hard you are also willing to work towards it.

The community they’ve built created a second home for a lot of us to run to from everything else for an hour to focus on ourselves.
— Natasha Taduran

Meet The Black House Team


Kristy Link (owner)

CF-L1, E-RTY200, CrossFit Mobility, CrossFit Gymnastics, Masala Yoga Restorative Training, Yin Yoga Training, CrossFit Kids

Kristy, who also teaches yoga and meditation, was an elite snowboarder who has learned that working out is one the keys to staying healthy. Her energy is infectious.


Jason Schroeder (owner)

“Let me show you how to live a life without bounds. Take pride in your health and fitness and live a life that will have a quantitative effect on everyone around you.”

Big Jay loves incorporating functional training, bodybuilding and strongman workouts to ultimately help people live a “limitless” mindset.


Courtney Roselle


Courtney is loud and proud and has a commanding presence in the gym. She believes that building strength empowers individuals to succeed in all facets of life.


Jeffrey Johnson

CF-L1, Head Programmer

Coach Jeff is responsible for creating the workouts at Black House. He is a former school teacher who dives deep on how mental and physical training intersect.


Christine D’Angelo

CF-L1, NTP, CrossFit Kids

Christine is living proof that CrossFit and a sound diet can transform one’s overall health. As a nutritionist and coach she has helped many to take control of how they feel.


Jon Dobzelecki


Jon is an expert on transformation. He radically changed his own life and is inspiring Black House members as a CrossFit coach and guide on how to eat with intention.


Michael Taggart


Coach Tag, a former All-State athlete, fell in love with CrossFit-style training. He’s known for his mobility boosting warmups and helping members refine technique.